Chopin Vodka
Vintage Vault

A once in a lifetime release of rested, 30-year-old Chopin Potato Vodka from the original batch of Chopin Vodka distilled in 1993, heralding the birth of the luxury vodka category. Crafted with unmatched passion and dedication, this spirit represents the pinnacle of craft distillation. A highly allocated limited release makes Chopin Vintage Vault a coveted collector’s item.

Presented in a hand-cut crystal decanter encased in an alder wood chest lined with leatherette, this is the world’s oldest luxury vodka. The decanter is accompanied by two cocktail picks adorned with natural pearls, a nod to the traditional 30th anniversary gift, exuding elegance and sophistication.

Chopin Vintage Vault delights with a bright, citrusy nose and opens with sweet notes that warm the palate. It develops flavors of fresh green apple, vanilla, subtle grapefruit, and finishes with hints of white pepper and coriander.

A vodka this rare is best enjoyed neat on the rocks, or in a dry martini.

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