Chopin Blended
Potatoes, Wheat & Rye

The collection of Chopin Blended Vodkas
has been very positively received by both
the connoisseurs of excetional alcohols
and people who apprciate the unusual beauty
of the product.

We owe this success primarily to
the indispensable pursuit of perfection
in terms of the balance of flavours,
as well as the care for the packaging
of our spirits.

Chopin Blended Indigo is the culmination
of our blended vodkas collection that
combines all three flaghip vodkas:
Chopin Potato, Chopin Rye and Chopin Wheat.
Each bottle containes the creamy taste
of potatoes, the sweetness of wheat
and the spiciness of rye.

The indigo color of the bottle
is a symbol of richness and full flavour
that we have managed to create.

Capacity dodaj do koszyka - 79zł

40% vol.

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